She Will Be Loved.
I love writing. I'm going to high school for writing this fall. Then I stumbled upon your ff and I fell in love. I read s.w.b.l. and f.a.t.l and im on my way to l.w.l. When I was reading i noticed your style and how beautifully written it was. And I was wondering if you had any tips on how to achieve that level of writing? And how to write comfortably without it looking like i tried too hard.

first off, i’m glad you fell in love with them! you’re gonna like LWL, it’s more.. ratchet then anything, haha but my advice to you is, go with the flow. don’t try too hard, and don’t stress yourself out to make a chapter perfect. plan out a plot and then once you have your plot, free write the chapter, let it flow. that’s what i do honestly. i’ve learned that you don’t need an advanced vocabulary to write a good book, because i talk like a hoodrat tbh, lmao. just go with your imagination, do some research and make it make sense. it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so take your time also. writing isn’t a master skill, it’s quite simple. as long as you’re okay with what you write, then that should be all that matters! <3

I'm sorry I'm still getting the hang of tumblr. I found your page but don't see your stories, I read all of your Chris brown ones years ago and I want to re-read them all on my phone or iPad , can you tell me how?

i’ll give you the chapter lists to them all, :)

here’s the chapter list to this story, She Will Be Loved.

the sequel, Forever Aint That Long.

Little White Lies.

the sequel, When It All Falls Down, (which isn’t finished yet but i’m gonna finish soon)

then the newest one i wrote, Ambitions of A Rider.

Out of all the ff I read, this is one of my top faves. This is such a good story

thank you! :)

You can tell that this was my first fanfic and how much my writing has improved. I love that this is still being read! <3
This was an amazing story 😊😊😊♥

thank you, thank you! read the sequel, it’s way better!

A long time ago didn't you run a page with all sex stories? Did you delete them? If not can I have the link?
Can I have listing of all your fanfics that you write and read please.

i can’t link you any that i’ve read, because i don’t read them. sorry hun, /: but i can give you the links to mine.

the sequel to this is,Β 

Forever Aint That Long,

and i wrote one called,Β 

Little White Lies.

and i’m currently writing the sequel to it now,Β 

When It All Falls Down.

Is there a sequel to this?
😩😩😩😩😩 you should update Lesson Learned πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

i have to re-read that story and figure out where i want it to go. i will eventually :)

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